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Click on this link to listen and watch Dr. Ray Brubaker at the God News Behind The News 'Prophecy Conference 2001' - Questions & Answers In Bible Prophecy

"The distinguished radio teacher, Ray Brubaker, was holding forth at the conference in Orlando, and he recalled a moment when his Moody Bible Institute education served him well. It seemed that he went to a Bible study where the regular teacher was ill, and a substitute attempted to take on the Book of Revelation. The substitute stammered that he really had little knowledge of that prophetic book, and said only a few platitudes before closing the lesson. Dr. Brubaker volunteered, and there followed a fine hour of intense prophecy study. As the aged Brubaker stated at the conference, “I had several terms in prophecy back at Moody Bible Institute a few years ago.” I doubt if a modern Moody grad would have been much help."


Zola Levitt, Zola Levitt Ministries


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"As a young teen, I enjoyed listening to the radio and ordering those secret code rings and toy gadgets from Sky King, Superman and Sgt. Preston of the Yukon! Then at night, I would tune in to XERF, Del Rio, Texas and listen to great preachers like Ray Brubaker on God’s News Behind the News. What an inspiration, he was! -- and still is!"


Dr. J. R. Church, Prophecy In The News


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"Choice Books of Gulf States is a regional distributor organization authorized to use the "Choice Books" trademark and managed by a board of directors. As a witness to the "good news" of Jesus Christ, Choice Book of Gulf States distributes inspirational and wholesome reading materials to a wide variety of people in the general marketplace."


       "Choice Books of Gulf States started distributing inspirational books in July 1990 under the leadership of Ray Brubaker, the first director. By the end of 1990, CB Gulf States serviced 24 displays, which sold a total of 3,749 books. In 2004, Choice Books of Gulf States sold about 575,000 books from 664 displays. Naaman Beiler is the current executive director."


Choice Books of Gulf States


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Apocalypse: Caught in the Eye of the Storm

1998 - Religious Drama

Ray Brubaker - Consultant/advisor


New York Times Movies Reviews


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“David Breese authored many books during his ministry. Among them are, Satan’s Ten Most Believable Lies (1987) written with David Breese; Living for Eternity: Eight Imperatives from Second Peter (1988); Seven Men Who Rule the World From the Grave (1990);The Triumphant Return of Christ (1994) co-authored with prophecy giants Ray Brubaker, John Barela, David A. Lewis, and William T. James; and Raging into Apocalypse(1996), essays about the direction the planet is headed; The Marks of a Cult: The Warning Signs of False Teachings (1998) written with David Breese; Dave has also written several commentaries on the prophetic books of the Bible and Dr. Breese is a featured writer in the Tim LaHaye prophecy Bible.”


David Breese / Who’s Who in Bible Prophesy

Dave was born in Chicago, Illinois, on October 14, 1926. He founded the Christian Destiny Ministry, in Hillsboro, Kansas. Dave went to be with the Lord, on May 3, 2002.


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“RAY BRUBAKER. Ray is the senior statesman of the group, celebrating his 77th birthday there. His ministry, God’s News Behind the News, began and still sponsors these conferences. He gave an excellent presentation on being ready for the soon rapture, but lamented that most who claim to be Christian really are not and will not make it, representing the Laodecean church. He mentioned the significance of the current end of the sixth millennial day (6,000 years since Adam) and beginning of the seventh millennium. Ray believes we are extremely close.”


“The many excellent speakers included Hal Lindsey, J.R. Church, Chuck Missler, Perry Stone, Bill Cloud, John Bevere, Zola Levitt, Ray Brubaker, Joe VanKoevering, Morris Cerullo, Gary Kah and Jack Van Impe.”


April 9, 2000. SPECIAL REPORT: The Int’l Prophecy Conference 2000 - Jim Bramlett 


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